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Our Story

Fields of Fantasy began with two old friends who met on a dance floor at their local, who soon realised they both had the same passion when it came to creating a fun, memorable and open space for all.

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After many years producing some of Bristol's most memorable events, they decided to take the jump and bring to life many nights of imaging, creating and scribbling on the backs of old bills. With their two powers combined, Fields of Fantasy transformed from a dream to reality, being released to the world this summer.

Equality came to the forefront of building the festival, starting with their pledge for a gender balanced lineup, combined with a value of building a platform for artists, punters and performers to express themselves in a space open for all.

Born from the idea of an experience desk, the pair started to explore their love for creative experiences from elements of their wild imaginations and love of adventure. Transporting the lucky ticket holders to many realms beyond your wildest desires, with all to explore from a woodland maze, secret parties and immersive interactions hidden around each corner.

Bristol has some of the finest green landscapes at its fingertips, with beautiful undiscovered areas that are a bus journey away. The need and desire to reconnect with nature was a prominent inspiration for the idyllic setting of Fields of Fantasy, which will be noticed by attendees when walking through the gates into the beautiful fields that await.

Bursting with enjoyment and long lasting memories for everyone, Fields of Fantasy will bring music, experiences, theatre and food together, and most of all, create an open and free community, for those who revel in music and memories, in one place. Fields of Fantasy has been a dream of the founders that will continue to grow and be created upon.